My cup of tea

What comes to mind when you see the words “Spring Sing at Harding?” If you’re reading this and aren’t connected with Harding, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. But if you are part of the Harding family, you’re most likely familiar with this production that completely controls the spring calendar each year. … Continue reading My cup of tea

Ask the W

Who? Me. What? Blogging. When? About every other week, usually on Fridays. Where? Right here, of course. ( Why? Read on to find out. I started a blog two years ago when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, for a summer. Several close friends had encouraged me to do so, and I liked typing out … Continue reading Ask the W


A little research shows me that the earliest talk of the internet was in the 1960s. That is young, folks. And yet it has infiltrated every part of our lives today. You wouldn’t be reading this if that statement weren’t true. So, let’s talk about the internet’s evolution in the AP Stylebook. For those of … Continue reading Nitpicky