It’s a Prague blog!

Take trains in the morning. Go where the wind takes you. Adventure. Lots of encouraging slogans have run through my mind the last couple hours as our group has attempted to make it to Prague. See my previous blog post to read about our trek to Salzburg and the hiccups along the way. That pales in comparison to today’s adventure. Brace yourselves. The morning started out fine. We got to the train station in Salzburg around 30 minutes before our first train and got breakfast. Hopped on the train, rode a peaceful hour and 15 minutes to our destination. Had an hour until our next train so we found a grocery store and bought lunch and snacks for the day. Again, got on our train and got settled in, ready for the 5 hour train to Prague. Realized as we sat down that about 25 stops stood between us and Prague, but hey, that’s okay! We played a game of Life on my iPad (Cami and I won) and cringed a bit every time we came to a screeching stop at increasingly sketchy train stations….stations is a generous term. I’d call them more of train stop sidewalks. As soon as we crossed the Austrian border into the Czech Republic, our train broke down. Naturally it started pouring down rain outside. The conductor came by and told us in broken English that a bus was coming for us. About an hour later, we were ushered onto a bus with standing room only. We had no clue how long this bus ride would be or the whereabouts of its destination. After an hour on the bus, we pulled up to a new train station whose name I cannot pronounce and couldn’t locate on a map if my life depended on it. Along the way, we met a gem of an old lady from New Zealand on her way to Prague so she could bike from there to Budapest. Fellow travelers also included a British girl who spoke a little bit of Czech and a Czech guy who helped us find the right train to catch. I write this first portion now on a train that will hopefully take us to Prague. I will now spend the remaining (supposedly) 2 hour trek praying to the good Lord to get us there. 

The saga continues. A little over an hour into this train ride, everyone is kicked off the train and told to get on a bus that also supposedly goes to Prague. I have no clue where I am, no clue where I am going, and no clue how to get where I want to go whenever I get wherever I’m going. 

Funny side note: I’ve trained myself well in saying “grazie” when someone offers help, but that’s no longer the proper response and I’m realizing just how accustomed to the Italian language I have become in the past two months. 

Bus got to train station. On another train now. Maybe I’m close to Prague? 

Final update: we are, in fact, in Prague! We walked a little over a mile to a huge spacious mall and found our hotel on the other side of it, conveniently accessible by a boardwalk over the busy street. One more hiccup to tie off the day–our hotel had made a mistake in our booking and had us 2 rooms for 2 each instead of 2 rooms for 4. So we abandoned our bags and went to dinner while they sorted out the issue. We are now settled nicely into amazing rooms in our hotel that happens to be in the side of a football stadium. I think I can speak for my whole group when I say that we are more than ready for a good night of sleep. When we look back on this crazy day, we’ll laugh about it–we’ve actually laughed about it quite a bit today as well. Excited to see what Prague has to offer us tomorrow (one thing we know it has is cool weather and that’s enough to keep me happy for quite a while!) Yay adventure!!

One thought on “It’s a Prague blog!

  1. What a great adventure! (Now that you’re there….) I have been to Prague twice. Once with Ron and then I took Meemaw. She really, really loved Prague. On both trips we stayed in a little hotel just steps from the river: Bishop’s House. It was maybe a hundred meters from the end of the Charles Bridge. In the Lesser Town. Meemaw and I walked up a hill to a replica of the Eiffel Tower – and then climbed to the top (NOT ride the elevator). The view was spectacular. We took several pictures up there. Enjoy Prague!


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