I’m Switzerland. 

You know when you get exhausted and so everything is really funny but also you’re delirious so even when you’re laughing you can’t help but cry? That is the perfect way to describe my time in Switzerland. We got to Interlaken Sunday night and found Balmer’s Hostel. As we’re staying in mostly hotels along the alway, I forgot to bring a towel, so one of my first Swiss experiences consisted of showering and proceeding to spend about 5 minutes waving my arms and legs around like a chicken fervently flapping its wings in an attempt to dry off. Then I scared an Asian friend when I was flipping my head back and forth trying to air dry my hair. After a decent night’s sleep, I woke up and went to make chocolate with Victoria and Piper. Funky Chocolate Club is worth visiting. I had hands down the best hot chocolate that I’ve ever tasted in my life and then spent a little over an hour learning about the history of chocolate and making my own chocolate bars!! It was incredibly entertaining and made me fall in love with baking all over again (3 months with no kitchen access has taken its toll on my baking therapy needs). We ate lunch at a quaint Mexican restaurant-appealing due to its reasonable price (Switzerland is expensive). Insert interesting story here: I had a couple sips left of my diet coke but I got up to go to the bathroom. Upon my return, I was told the tale of a bee’s kamikaze mission into my drink. He just barreled right into my cup straight to the bottom and slowly floated to the top where he was drifting along when I got back. Safe to say I didn’t drink any more, but I took that as a sign that I didn’t need it anyway. It was at this point that Victoria and I discovered that our paragliding excursion had been cancelled due to wind. Infamous for my delayed reaction to events as such, I nonchalantly informed Vicki of the bad news. About 10 minutes later, I teared up and have consequently spent the rest of the afternoon trying to not be disappointed. Hence the delirium comments that greeted this post. In conclusion, Switzerland is known for its chocolate, its bees, and its disappointment. I have to hand it to God though, His creation is flawlessly gorgeous. There’s nothing quite like the Swiss Alps, even if I only saw them from the safety of the ground. We’re now on our way to Barcelona where we intend to strut like we mean it and free our minds. *Insert farewell in the language of your choosing*

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