It’ll {sham}rock your world 

Going on 13 days of travel and been to 6 countries–Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Scotland, and now Ireland. Wow. Definitely starting to take its toll on us all, but we are down to just FOUR days left in Europe! Our time in Scotland was very short. Victoria and I got lost getting to our flat to check in and spent about 3 hours on and off buses and even knocking on the door of a stranger’s home to eventually find the right place. That’s when Leighton met up with us!!! There was definitely a dramatic, tearful greeting in the middle of the street when we were reunited. We then roamed the streets of what was I suppose the New Town of Edinburgh before eventually finding the area we wanted to be in. We met up with the other HUFers in Edinburgh and ate dinner before strolling the Royal Mile and dancing with a bagpiper on the street. ‘Twas a fun evening for sure! The next morning, we took a bus tour and saw the sights before hopping a bus to the airport and leaving for Dublin! Our first night in Dublin was spent at a Celtic Night show, complete with a 3 course authentic Irish meal. We listened to a live band sing Irish tunes and watched some amazing Irish river dancing. We definitely got a groovy Irish vibe and a more than pleasant welcome to the beautiful city of Dublin. Next morning’s wake up call was 5 am as we had to be at our bus at 6:40 for a 13 hour Cliffs of Moher tour. If you come to Ireland, take the time to do this tour!! As we drove to the Cliffs, we made several stops in small towns along the way. The Cliffs were absolutely stunning. I rank them in top three most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. We walked around and every time we turned a corner, there was a new angle and flawless sight to please the eye. I could’ve stayed there all day. However, the bus waits for no one! On our way back into Dublin, we stopped in Burren, Galway, and another city or two for lunch and hot chocolate and more quaint sights. Ireland has captured my heart. We lucked out and the weather was perfect, sunny with bluer than blue skies to perfectly compliment the impeccably green countryside. ‘Twas a long journey but it was worth every penny and every minute! This morning, we walked and saw St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trinity College, and the Dublin Castle before casually dining at the Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Ireland (est. 1198). Ireland knows how to make their soups–the seafood chowder was to die for, especially since Dublin’s characteristic cold rain had settled on the city at this point. Shortly after lunch, we headed for the airport and I now write this from the comfort of our flat in London where we will live out the few remaining days of this journey. Safe to say I will definitely revisit Ireland someday in the future, but I’m thrilled to be in London and days away from HOME! Cheers!! 

One thought on “It’ll {sham}rock your world 

  1. Wonderful! There’s a reason Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle”! Meemaw and I did a great tour of the Rink of Kerry. London: Westminster Abbey is a must. I’ve never seen so many burial sites in one building in my life! Sadly pictures are not allowed – that prompts one to buy the souvenir book like we did. Looking forward to your return. Enjoy. Travel safely. Godspeed!


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