That’s #PrettyGreat

How do you fit 45 people into a house in Myrtle Beach for a week and make it work? That’s a loaded question, and I can’t give you an answer. I’m looking for tips here because this scenario will be reality in seven months when my extended family takes on South Carolina for our annual family reunion. Travel isn’t easy, and small children take the packing game to a whole new level.

Enter Ketchum’s public relations campaign for Hilton Worldwide and Embassy Suites by Hilton titled “Look, Mom … It’s #PrettyGreat Travel Hacks.” This 2016 campaign won a Bronze Anvil Award for excellence in consumer services and media relations in the area of travel and tourism/hospitality.

Let me pause for a moment to explain. Bronze Anvil Awards are presented annually by the Public Relations Society of America to recognize excellence in the field of public relations. PRSA’s website defines them as a celebration of “the ‘best of the best’ in public relations tactics, reflecting the growing scope, creativity and importance of strategic public relations.”

So what made this Hilton campaign so fantastic? Check out the website ( to see for yourself.

I’m impressed by the layout of the page. The first thing I see, the header, showcases a family-friendly environment with pictures of beautiful places, healthy food options and families having fun. There’s a link making it convenient to book your stay immediately. As you scroll down the page, you note what I deem a “Pinterest-like” layout featuring a picture and an explanatory caption. Most posts contain some type of link to an article expanding on the travel tip.

The visuals for each post are colorful and engaging. The message is easily conveyed, and the use of motion in the posts grabs my attention. Covering topics from beach trips to plane tips to scarf uses, there is no limit to what type of advice will be offered. The consumer can be actively involved in the campaign. Many posts are responses to a problem or question asked by one of us. I appreciate my voice being heard. Thanks, Hilton.

Relations is the key word in this campaign. Ketchum nailed it in their goal to relate to their consumer. People like vacations. Traveling is stressful. This campaign took the problems with packing, planning and traveling and said, “Here, let us help. We’ve got a hack for that. Relax and enjoy your trip.” I’m off to pack my bags.



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