Dear Google, please love me

Harding’s Department of Communication brings guest speakers into class often, and today’s guest speaker in PR tactics was, yet again, an inspiration to my class of budding professionals. Three years out of college, this young woman is a digital marketer for a local advertising agency and an entrepreneur of her own business, which she runs from home.

The main topic of Haley Burkhead’s presentation was SEO — search engine optimization. SEO is an essential factor in any online presence today. Haley outlined the basics of SEO for us, and what I gathered was this:

In order for something I post online to actually get views, in order for people to easily find what I post, I need Google to like me. So how do I make Google fall in love with me and my business? It’s pretty simple, actually.

Basically, these little Google bots scan your webpage, blog post, or other online entity and search for several things …

They check for site speed (essentially how fast your page will load) — the lower it is, the better.

They look for keywords. Categorize and tag your keywords in a blog post. For instance, if someone searches for “search engine optimization tips”, Haley’s course on simplifying SEO will pop up because she has tagged each of those words throughout her webpage. Search Google for a keyword planner if you need some help figuring out how to tag your keywords. (I do this often.)

Quality is key. Make it look good. Don’t skimp on anything. Invest in your website — it will pay off. Part of having good quality is in your choice of name. Customize the permalink to a page so that the topic of the post or page is in the title.

Name your image files with something relevant to the topic. Instead of leaving the name as ‘.001.jpg’ say ‘seo-tools.jpg’ or something of the like.

And finally, be sure that your webpage is mobile responsive. Most webpages are automatically set up to be mobile responsive now, but double check.

Those are Haley’s tips — six simple ways to achieve SEO. And if you want to learn more, check out Haley’s blog or podcast on her website. It’s impressive, so you should take a look.


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