Ask the W

Who? Me.

What? Blogging.

When? About every other week, usually on Fridays.

Where? Right here, of course. (

Why? Read on to find out.

I started a blog two years ago when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, for a summer. Several close friends had encouraged me to do so, and I liked typing out my thoughts and keeping this online journal of sorts. According to the stats, several people kept up with my adventures, and if nothing else, I could always count on my grandpa for an encouraging comment that never failed to make me smile.

So why start back now? To put it simply, I’m getting a grade. In my public relations tactics class, I am learning about a host of different strategies public relations professionals use to relate to the public — hence, the title of the profession. Social media seems to be growing exponentially, and blogging is one avenue for communicating with various publics. But in addition to getting a grade, I’m also practicing my writing and learning about categories, tags, SEO and other terms that go along with blogging.

What have I learned? I’ve learned that I enjoy this platform. I have more room to share here than I do in a tweet or an Instagram post, and  I can easily link my blog to a Facebook post to make people aware that I’ve written something new. I find it pretty easy and a bit therapeutic to open up a page and start typing. It may take 4 or 5 revising sessions to phrase things the way I want, but I like the way I express myself here. I hope that others are able to read my transparency and relate to what I am saying in my posts. Isn’t that what we all want? My blog is here to keep people informed, connected. I’d love for it to start a conversation, but I’m content with knowing that I’ve made a piece of myself available to others for their reading pleasure.

The only problem now is that no one’s reading. I can’t simply write and post and leave the rest to fate. If that were the case, I’d have more than two views (myself and my teacher) of blogs I’ve posted for my class this semester. So this post is here to remedy that situation (hopefully). I write this as an invitation to take a peak into PR according to me. My classmates and I are learning about this profession, and we find it fascinating! Read our blogs, and I hope you’ll find some of what we’re studying to be fascinating, too.

P.S. Here’s a picture of me smiling with a cup of coffee to make you feel more connected to me and my thoughts.



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