Eye see London 

And so the time comes to go home. Boy oh boy am I ready!!!!! My group can say with confidence that we hit the wall as soon as we got to London. The English speaking and Americanesque feel to London had us all yearning for home and our increasing exhaustion had us hitting the wall … Continue reading Eye see London 


It’ll {sham}rock your world 

Going on 13 days of travel and been to 6 countries--Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Scotland, and now Ireland. Wow. Definitely starting to take its toll on us all, but we are down to just FOUR days left in Europe! Our time in Scotland was very short. Victoria and I got lost getting to our flat … Continue reading It’ll {sham}rock your world 

C’est la vie! 

Barcelona  It's been a few days since I was there, so I'll try to sum it up as best I can remember. Barcelona was a lot more modern than I anticipated. Walking around the first night, I was constantly surprised by the hubbub and not lack of history but overwhelming sense of modernity of the … Continue reading C’est la vie! 


I’m Switzerland. 

You know when you get exhausted and so everything is really funny but also you're delirious so even when you're laughing you can't help but cry? That is the perfect way to describe my time in Switzerland. We got to Interlaken Sunday night and found Balmer's Hostel. As we're staying in mostly hotels along the … Continue reading I’m Switzerland. 



In about 2 hours, I'll board my last train from Santa Maria Novella and end this summer chapter in Florence. I'm absolutely ecstatic for the next two weeks and getting home, but I am sad to say goodbye to this home. The following is my humanities final, and I think it does a pretty good … Continue reading Finale



I thought "whopper" an appropriate title for this post since I've unintentionally neglected to fill you all in on my life after the adventuresome trek to Prague. It's only been a little over 2 weeks since the Prague debacle and yet I don't even know where to begin to tell the tales.  Prague treated us … Continue reading Whopper 


It’s a Prague blog!

Take trains in the morning. Go where the wind takes you. Adventure. Lots of encouraging slogans have run through my mind the last couple hours as our group has attempted to make it to Prague. See my previous blog post to read about our trek to Salzburg and the hiccups along the way. That pales … Continue reading It’s a Prague blog!